Friday, 22 July 2011

Final Three!!!

These are my final three cards Shirley Anne's 50 Christmas Card's Challenge - after a rapid start I had slowed right off but this week sees me reach that final tally of 50!

These three cards are all made using card and bits and pieces from stock. My favourite is the black and gold one made using a gift tag, backed onto gold card, but it hasn't scanned very well. I have a friend who is very much into bags and shoes so this will be for her!


Sandy said...

Yeah, you've reached your 50 cards for Shirley's challenge. All 3 look good, Love the first one with the bauble,

Dr Sonia S V said...

Jane congrats on your tally dear. I get so lazy with xmas and new year cards! Shirley anne is doing a good job encouraging bloggers to finish up early! All 3 cards are adorable but the first one is exceptionally beautiful !

Shirley-anne said...

hello Jane .Congrats you have joined Sandy with 50 Christmas cards made before 1st December .Kelly is not far behind so I must check to make sure I have not missed any of hers . All 3 of yours here are lovely and my fav is the second because I love the sentiment banner and the row of Christmas images below Santa.
hugs Shirley-Anne

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