Sunday, 28 August 2011

Sunday at Shirley's

Thanks for dropping by,  another gorgeous day here in Adelaide, yesterday at Middleton we got to see six whales frolicking in the water and while we had lunch at The Flying Fish Cafe at Port Elliot there were children in the water swimming - and it's still winter!!!! Hubby John arrived home from Manila this morning, he'd finished his work so managed to get an earlier flight home, so I picked him up, put his washing on and went off to Shirley's for our craft workshop with Sandy.-  her hubby Adrian is also home from work interstate at the moment - so we felt a teeny bit guilty heading off (only a teeny tiny bit!!). Doug was off gallivanting around the suburbs in his gopher when we got there - getting out while the sun shines - he's certainly looking good these days.

These are the cards we made today - if you would like to check out Shirley - Anne's blog for some of these and other inspirational ideas please follow the link here.

Card 1:

Card 2:

Card 3:

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Shirley-anne said...

Hi Jane .Love this little segment of yours " Sunday at Shirley's" .Thanks for the HUGE plug you give me ..and my blog .
Glad you enjoyed the trip away and it would have been awesome to see those whales .
hugs Shirley-anne

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