Sunday, 14 August 2011

Sunday at Shirley's

Welcome and thanks for calling in, a beautiful day here in Adelaide, towels and sheets are drying on the line instead of the clothes dryer for a change. Also I forgot to say my heater finally has been fixed and the house is warm once more! Today Sandy and I went to our workshop at Shirley's, Doug went off for a ride on his gopher whilst we reeked mayhem at the dining room table! Michelle rang while we were there  - she's coming to SA with the family for a visit so that will be special - maybe we'll get to meet! We made three lovely cards today and if you would like to check out Shirley's blog for inspiration please do so here.


Card 2:

Card 3:

1 comment:

Shirley-anne said...

Hello Jane . We did laugh a lot today did we not ?
So you will be as snug as a bug in a rug now at home with the heater fixed .
Thanks for your company today , my thick shake provider . LOL . Hugs Shirley-anne fav today was the 1st on your post "sending springtime smiles "

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