Sunday, 5 February 2012

Saturday at Shirley's

Well we certainly had a productive afternoon making four cards - only I went yesterday as Sandy was unable to come (usually we go on a Sunday). Lots of chatting, Doug was out on a marathon gopher ride to the Linear park, and another friend of Doug & Shirley's who likes card making also dropped by. I had the itches last night - drove me crazy so I had no sleep, scalp, eyes, body ears so I went off to the dr this morning, she thinks I am developing an allergy to the antibiotic I have been on so she has given me some strong tablets and prescription cream to try and reduce it until the antibiotic clears my body - here's hoping it works soon. Last night we went to see Tinker, Tailor, Soldier Spy at the movies with friends, with dinner first - thank goodness for dinner the movie was very slow going and quite a few younger people walked out and didn't return - we kept waiting for it to get better - it didn't!

If you would like to share some of Shirley's Inspirations like some of the cards we made below - please follow the link to her blog here.

I've posted them in no particular order but I do like the sailing one - I love this SU set.


Shirley-anne said...

Hi Jane gonna miss you next weekend .We did have a great time Saturday. Hope that your body works through medication issues quickly and you feel more comfortable soon
I am glad you enjoyed making these and look forward to our next afternoon .

Sandy said...

Wow, 4 cards! All are lovely cards, sorry you are having problems, hope you get it sorted out,
PS I have your order from Shirley,
let me know when you're home and I'll try and get it to you.

Tan's Hobbies said...

Wow, you and your friends are really had a productive afternoon, Jane! All the cards are Lovely. Same as you, I love the sailing card most.

Merry said...

I was thinking I had seen that sailing card before..

All these cards are so wonderful. Those flower cards so bright and cheery. I hope you are feeling lots better now.

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