Thursday, 1 December 2011

Xmas Chockie Boxes

A glorious afternoon and what better way to spend it, than to have lunch and a craft shop tour with our Thursday craft group - as everyone is getting busy leading up to Christmas we decided to have our lunch early this year. We had a lovely lunch at Endue, then went to Paper Flourish and Craft Worm - have to go on lengthy detours due to the road works! Needless to say it didn't stop us spending up! My penance was doing the ironing when I got home - (I know Jacki - I used that word again!!!)

Thanks to inspiration from Merry's blog - I decided to follow her link to Kaye at Craft Mad's tutorial for card / chocolate boxes - I made one each for the girls in my craft group - I photographed them before I filled them - but you can get the idea. I had trouble with the tabs sticking down so I think I will have to try glue next time. Thanks again for the inspiration and the tutorial.


Shirley-anne said...

Hi Jane sounds like you had a great day .And you have been busy crafting as well .The chocky boxes look grand .lovely papers and design .
hugs Shirley-anne

Anonymous said...

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