Sunday, 22 May 2011

Wishing You Sunshine

Welcome to my blog, we have had a very wet, windy day - what better way to spend it than crafting at Shirley's! Doug watched a western, whilst Sandy, Shirley and I made cards and chatted, before tea and ginger kisses (Shirley spoils us!) then Doug joined us for a chat too - the afternoon just flew and before we knew it was time for home and getting the dinner on - a roast - I reckon they taste better the colder the weather gets! I got home to find my daughter has an imprint of a soccer ball on her stomach - I think she needs to find a safer game - she's sore now, but I bet she'll hardly be able to move tomorrow!!

Thank you to those who have visited and left comments, also a Happy Birthday to Fran today.

 3 Cards to show today - if you would like the recipe, or just to check out all the other things on Shirley's blog please click here.


Shirley-anne said...

Hi Jane Thanks for the tip to put picture near my challenge news on my side bar . Done it tonight . Glad you enjoyed today . Enjoy your company, I do .

Kelly G said...

Oh how cute. I just adore the last one - perfect little boys card.

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